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This section is a detailed step-by-step guide that helps you to reproduce the effects that were used to create the samples. The guide is oriented on the tabs of the program itself: for each tab one step. It takes just one minute!

This step-by-step guide was not updated with the latest changes in version 1.0. Please refer to the readme-file that explains the changes in detail.

We assume you have picture-shark already downloaded and installed.

We encourage you to download the sample pictures we used in the samples section. Download the zip-file and extract it to a folder on your harddisk. Remember the folder, we will later use it.

Those are the three steps of stamping:
Step 1: select the files you want to stamp
Step 2: select a stamp and the settings that you want to use for stamping
Step 3: choose the output options and start stamping

Start now by going to step 1>>>

Attention: Of course you can also use your own pictures while walking trough the guide. If you want to do so, have those things in mind:

  • The pictures you want to stamp should be gifs, jpgs or bmps
  • It makes sense that the stamp is a bit smaller than the pictures you want to stamp otherwise some parts of the stamp won't be visible on the pictures
  • The stamp should have a solid background otherwise its hard to work with transparency
  • Visit our Howto for creating your own Stamp in 5 Seconds

Start now by going to step 1>>>