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On May the 26th we launched the latest version of picture-shark. It comes with many new features and improved stability. For a full list of new features see the readme-file. We recommend that you use this new version. It was tested by over 30 people that helped us to make it better than all previous versions.

Support for copy&paste between other applications and picture-shark makes it even easier to import/export your stamps.

Known Bugs:

The new vesrion eleminated all known bugs. Feel free to send us comments if you experience any unusual behavior.


Many people wrote us an gave us ideas how to improve this software. Since the software is free, your feedback is what we need to motivate us.

1. save program-settings to configfile/registry - done in vers. 1.0
2. remember size and position of window after restart - done in vers. 1.0
3. add percentage values to sliders to better check/remember your settings - done in vers. 1.0
4. run picture-shark automaticly with certain settings
5. klick away the splash-screen - done in vers. 1.0
6. enable drag&drop of files and folders (ie: just drag a folder over the first tab to add it to the selection list) - done in vers. 1.0
7. start the directory trees on the desktop - done in vers. 1.0
8. remember last used folders - partly done in vers. 1.0
9. implement use of hot-keys (ctrl+) - partly done in vers. 1.0
10. possibility to create directories (ie: for output) - done in vers. 1.0
11. show more file-info when selecting/previewing a file (ie: size, width, preview zoom-ratio) - done in vers. 1.0
12. "fit-to-size"-zoom for the preview-images
13. warning messages for inexpirienced users (ie: when the stamp is larger as the files you want to stamp, and other reasons)
14. summary after stamping (numbers of stamped files, errors, skipped files etc.)
15. multi-language support
16. better looking interface (graphical buttons etc.) - partly done in vers. 1.0
17. IPTC Info - preserving done in vers. 1.0
18. complete JPEG-header support for editing/removing/adding EXIF,IPTC and comment-headers
19. be able to resize the stamp image to a percentage of the original image
20. be able to add text, also auto scaling the text to the size of the image (like 19.)

If you have other suggestions or ideas then feel free to contact us !